Completed Birthday Surprise Commission for Coyotejeeper featuring my Becky getting knotted while her girlfriend Stacey watches awaiting her turn! And in Part 2 my Partner’s Stacey getting her turn on the knot while Becky views her own mess!


New ref for Veebo of their Vee đź’ś


Completed Raffle Prize from Twitter of their Sylveon OC defeated in a battle!


New Icon for Awolfox since he needed one of his newly done sona c:


Oh look, it’s the consequences of your actions, VeeDon’t be a rude gremlin next time ~ Personal piece attempt of a comicFeaturing AwolfoxPage 2 coming soon? Comic PricesFlat Color 2 character 1 page – $150+$75 per extra page Shaded 2 character 1 Page – $240+$120 per extra page You must have a precise idea/story for P|2022|029