Art Commissions

Art Status

Commissions: Open: Full Price/YCH
Trades: Open, equivalent quality
Collabs: Open
Requests: Never, do not PM me for unprompted free art


Anyone commissioning me for a piece with a mustelid/Mustelid-dominant hybrid character can claim a 10% discount.

Art Tiers

Tier 1
Flat Color, No BG
Extra Characters: +$

Tier 2
Fully Shaded, No BG
Extra Characters: +$

What You Receive

Upon completion of you commission I can provide several versions of your commission depending on what you order.
However you will always receive:

  • A4-sized HD .PNG files of all versions, for Personal Viewing and Use Only
  • 1280px 75% quality .JPG files of all versions, for Posting

Both contain my watermark, which is neatly place in a non-invasive way.
I try to record timelapses when working, so your commission may come with one!

Additional Characters and Backgrounds

The extra character price is +50% per each extra.
There are NO discounts for more than 2 characters.
I will draw up to 5 characters in a piece.

Background costs depend on complexity.

Private Commissions

Private commissions are an additional $50 on top the total cost of your commission.
Please carefully review my Terms of Service regarding Private Commissions, this fee, and your rights about it.

I will no longer take complete artistic freedom. I work best when you know EXACTLY what you want in a picture. I do not work well with “Oh, just something NSFW” I do not know your desires, I do not know your fetishes. Something like “A Nsfw picture featuring bondage” Is okay, it gives me a base.

How to Commission

You know what you want? Then please email me at

Or PM me on my social medias