Terms of Service

The commissioner agrees:

  • To certify that they are 18 years of age or older
  • To make payment in full, up front, before any commission begins. Payment options can be discussed privately.
  • To fill out my Terms of Service Agreement form.
  • To only post the watermarked jpg version marked as ”Postable” given.
  • To NEVER sell the artist’s work without the artist’s express permission.
  • Provide the necessary information, and references, including but not limited to:
    • Picture or pictures of the character (colored and full body shots preferably).
    • Detailed description of the character, including clothing, colors, personality, special features, etc. (Especially important if you don’t have prior artwork)
    • A description of what you would like for me to do. (Ex. poses, facial expressions, the feel of the overall piece, etc.)
  • That the artist always reserves the right to decline any commission. This includes the understanding of and agreement to the artist’s abilities and limits.
  • Clients are not permitted, under any circumstances, to use any part of their finished commission for non fungible tokens. Use of my artwork for any advertising or profits associated with non fungible tokens, blockchains, or cryptocurrency is strictly prohibited.

I, the artist, agree that:

  • I will not spend any funds provided for an accepted commission until the commission is completed.
  • Every commission will get my best service possible. I always check and double check to make sure that I am doing everything right at every step.
  • I will ask or email you to get approval for sketches, ink, and flat color before moving on to the next step in the finished product. If revisions are required after the piece is completed, I reserve the right to decline if I made absolutely sure that everything was approved before moving on.
  • When the commissioned piece is completed, I will send the commissioner(s) a hi-rez and web-size version of the piece. All versions contain my watermark, which is neatly place in a non-invasive way. Under NO circumstances will I add anyone else’s watermark to my work. You may add it at your own discretion, but I will not post any version other than my own.
  • I will complete the work in a timely manner. Average commission time is 2 weeks – 5 months.
  • Refund requests are acceptable. However, if I have already started work, only a partial refund will be issued.

Refund Break Down and What Happens After

  • Not Started: Full Refund
  • Sketch: 80% Refund, will be sold as YCH
  • Lines: 60% Refund, will be reverted back to sketch and sold as YCH
  • Flats or Further: No Refund*, will be completed.

*The only time a refund will be granted for Flats or Further completion is if I deem you too much drama to work with. The art will be stripped down to sketch and sold as a YCH. Sob stories or life complications will not grant you a refund if your commission is at Flats or Further.

At no time after the refund process has been initiated and/or completed may you continue to use my artwork.

Work Process:

Reference/Character Sheets:

  • All reference sheet provided for commission must be flat color
  • Absolutely no shaded reference/character sheets. Not even with a color palette, it is too difficult to determine patterns on shaded reference/character sheets.
  • The only exemption is for a reference/character sheet commission from me, which will be flat colored.

Work in Progresses:

  • Upon receiving a Work in Progress of any stage, the client has three (3) days to respond regarding edits, approvals, or anything else required during that stage.
  • After 3 days, I will continue work and rights to edits or approvals for that stage are forfeit.
  • The Sketch stage is the only stage that entire reworks are allowed.
  • The Line Art stage allows most edits, including things such as moving arm/leg/etc placement.
  • Colors and further only allow marking corrections and changes, as all other major edits should have been done in prior stages.

Completed Pieces:

  • Upon receiving a piece, the client has three (3) days to comment, approve, ask for edits, etc. It is Strongly Encouraged to reply to me upon receiving your piece.
  • If approval is received, I will post the piece immediately to my medias (except private commissions)
  • If no response is given, after 3 days I will post the piece to my medias (except private commissions)

Private Commissions

  • At the request of the client, a commission may remain private and unposted.
  • If a private commission is requested, it is subject to a non-refundable +$50 on top of the total cost.
  • Private commissions under no circumstances may be posted anywhere, not even by the client.
  • If you later decide it is postable, the $50 is STILL not refundable, as my work will have been improved by that judgement and I will be posting old work.

The only time the $50 is refundable is with a whole commission cancel with refund.

Permissions and Rights

  • I am NOT selling the rights to the artwork when Commissioned
  • I hold the rights to redistribute my artwork.
  • You may post any artwork I do for you with proper credit.
  • You may NOT make profit off my artwork without express written permission.
  • I hold the right to post my artwork in my galleries unless a Private commission fee was paid.
  • I will never sell/resell any of my work as non fungible tokens. If artwork I have created, regardless if commissioned or personal, is listed as a non fungible token or is being resold for cryptocurrency, it is stolen. Please report any reposts or resales to me promptly.

My Terms of service will Always override any “commissioner terms of service” regarding my rights to my artwork, my income, my time, and myself.

[End of Terms of Service and Agreement]